All your campaigns serve as a means of delivering user experience and driving great results for your business. We pay special attention to the core activities of your business and do all the necessary work. Expand the scale of your advertising abilities and enjoy the results.

We follow the principles of our own strategy to present you the best outcome possible.

Magic Traffic replaces boring ads by fresh an easily consumable ads that let people and brands globally know you.

Our benefits

We create transparent and detailed reports on the profitability of your campaign. A broad range of tools is implemented in order to measure the progress.

Latest technologies available

Our technology allows launching your ads unbelievably fast! Your ad is processed and you get it ready for publication in just few clicks.

Bright and memorable design

Your ads are simply impossible to not notice! Even though they are fully integrated in the overall theme of your website, your clients notice them thanks to their unique colorful design.
We take care of all the aspects and issues of your campaign launching. Our skills are aimed at the peculiarities of your situation.

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Delivering highly engaging ads

Our Magic Team

We are a group of passionate and creative experts that considers innovation to be the crux of the matter in regard to providing clients with the best solutions. We overtake each challenge we face while striving for perfection in each and every step we make. We are the true masters of creating native ads and placing them in a friendly manner on your website.
Website conversion
Rise of your sales
Audience and visitors of the website
The awareness of your brand
We design the best strategy for you to get the most of it. The tools, services and features are available for you at flexible and quite affordable prices. Our priority is to raise awareness of your brand within the target audience, let your business develop and bring revenue far beyond the usual limits. You won’t find the best place to make your sales grow at full capacity.
Native integration
We carefully study the details and peculiarities of your website with the view of blending the advertising content with it so that it does not stick out.
Quality and control
We check every piece of content thoroughly so that your visitors can enjoy only the high-quality content. Besides, we have control over the whole course of your ad campaign.
Reaching your target audience
You are free to share with your visitors the content you think they will like or interested in. We enable the process of your content distribution by implementing the best tools.
Testing and analysis
Each idea that we act on is thoroughly checked and tested in terms of effectiveness. Only the ideas that you can take advantage of are considered.
Grateful clients
Projects carried out
Ideas in action
Websites with high revenue

We take care of all the aspects and issues of your campaign launching. You are seconds away from starting a new campaign!

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Our Advantages

Fast and easy publication
We offer you the most convenient tools that are able to do all the work for you. There is no need to waste your precious time.
Traffic Quality Guarantee
Every process that takes place during the time your ad campaign is running is a subject to an in-depth analysis. Clicks on the website included. If we fail to perform all our duties, we’ll pay your money back.
Variety of ad formats
We offer native, image, text and video ads because we strongly believe that different businesses benefit from different ads. That’s why we use the individual approach implying specific ad formats.
Content of premium quality
You can order content if needed. Our writers know all the tricks to write the best eye-catching content that will drive more people to your website and attract their attention to your offers.
The best design on best conditions
The design of ads considers the needs of your business. We use a variety of tools to add a speck of creativity and make it as bright as possible.
Manage your campaign
You may develop your ad campaign at your own pace, making alternations where necessary. Even though we have control over it, you, for sure, also have the right to operate it.

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